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Pinkus Kremegne

November 4, 2010

Zhaludak, Belarus, 1890 – Ceret, France, 1981

Pinkus Kremegne was a friend of both Chaim Soutine and Michel Kikoine. He studied sculpture at the Vilnius School of Drawing. He fled from the pogroms to Paris in 1912. In Paris, he joined the group of painters of Montparnasse and soon became one of the respected residents of La Ruche. A more structured vision of nature than Soutine´s, Kremegne´s last paintings prefigure the work of painters such as Leon Kossoff and Frank Auerbach in England. After World War I, Kremegne moveed to a small town in France called Ceret that became was the Woodstock of France, attracting many famous artists including Picasso. Kremegne´s colosr grew very bold in his landscapes of Ceret. A music fan, Kremegne claimed that he organized his paintings like a maestro his orchestra. To Pinkus Kremegne each color is an instrument which plays its own score.

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