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Yaacov Zim

October 25, 2010

Yaacov Tzim
Sosnowiec, Poland, 1920 –
“I learned to live with the dark, and to create with the light.” -Yaacov Tzim

Yaacov Tzim was saved from certain death in the Holocaust due to his skills as an artist. Tzim, his siblings and 120 other young men and women were sent to a factory were they worked as artisans. There he was safe until 1943 when he and his family were sent to the ghetto and then to Auschwitz. He temporarily escaped transfer to Auschwitz by joining a group that was to do forced labor only to be sent there as punishment for drawing a picture a few months later. In Auschwitz, Tzim reconnected with his brother Natan. The two survived a death march to Buchenwald together. After the liberation, in 1945, Tzim immigrated to Israel with the “Children of Buchenwald.” He studied art at the Bezalel Academy of Art and design and finally achieved his dream of becoming an artist. He has won many prizes for his work, both in Israel and internationally, taught art at various schools around the country and designed some of Israel´s symbols, including coins and bills.

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