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Wolf Kibel

October 17, 2010

Grodziska, Poland 1903 – Cape Town, South Africa, 1938

The brief but exciting life of Wolf Kibel left the world with a wealth of beautiful drawings and paintings. Kibel was born in Poland where he studied art with British artist Stanley Appelbaum, whose encouragement ultimately persuaded Kibel to pursue visual art as a career. Receiving no formal education outside of Jewish Chedder, Kibel haunted libraries and found inspiration where he could. He moved from Warsaw to Vienna in 1923, trying to escape army service, where he became exposed to the Cubists and Impressionists. Kibel moved to Israel in 1925 where he lived in poverty but was exposed to the work of Matisse and Chagall who greatly influenced his style. He left Israel for Cape Town in 1929 and established an art school there with Lippy Lipschitz called “Palm Studios.” He died of tuberculosis in 1938. Kibel´s work always maintained a figurative base but utilized distortions to bring out the character and sentiment of the subject. His dramatic and skilled works can be found in collections all over the world.

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