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New Collection! Avi Schwartz

September 21, 2010

King’s Gallery has just received a new collection of works by the contemporary artist Avi Schwartz. Schwartz is a prolific and talented painter who paints unique optimistic images of Jewish life. He uses bright colors to portray the beauty of everyday Jewish life. This brand new collection features landscapes and seascapes of Israel by Goldman that highlight his talent and style. Please get in touch if you are interested in purchasing. Eli Cohen

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Avi Schwartz
Bucharest, Romania, 1938

Avi Schwatz´s oil paintings are rich, opulent color depictions of life in Israel. Schwartz immigrated to Israel when he was only twelve years old and attended to Avni Institute for Art and Design at the young age of sixteen. Schwartz´s family was in the diamond business and had a large collection of classical style art. The Avni Institute encouraged newer modern styles and Schwartz became so frustrated with the lack of traditional training that he stopped painting until he was thirty. The artist Zvi Shor encouraged him to start painting again and he soon developed his bright colorful style under Shor´s tutelage and the influence of artists Shimshon Holzman and Aryeh Lubin. Schwartz illustrates everyday Jewish and secular scenes in bright colors, loose brush strokes and careful realistic compositions.

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