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New Collection! Albert Goldman

September 20, 2010

King’s Gallery has just received a new collection of works by the contemporary artist Albert Goldman. Goldman is a prolific and talented painter who captures the beauty and majesty of Israel in his canvases. He is a master of color who infuses each of his canvases with sparkling jewel tones that dance throughout the composition. The new collection of portraits, still lifes and landscapes, are exemplary works by Goldman that highlight his talent and style. Please get in touch if you are interested in purchasing. Eli Cohen

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Albert Goldman
Alexandria, Egypt, 1922
“I have here a board of canvas on which I mix and then paint, I don´t use a palette. This board of canvas that is enriched with the tones of the last painting will give a very rich background for the next painting.” –Albert Goldman

Albert Goldman is well known for his bucolic, brightly painted scenes of Israel. In 1951, Goldman fled Egypt to Israel after being accused of being a spy for Israel and incurring a brutal beating by a mob. He was a successful hotel manager both in Egypt and Israel and did not give up his hotel management business to focus on art exclusively until 1980. He studied with various artists in Egypt and Israel. Goldman´s paintings have been collected by many well known people throughout the world and are prized for their luminosity and careful composition. He is most well-known for his landscapes of Israel but he also paints Judaic themes and still lifes.

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