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New Collection! Avraham Melnikov

September 13, 2010

King’s Gallery has just received a new collection of works by the master artist Avraham Melnikov. Melnikov is particularly famous for his monument at Tel Hai for Josef Trumpledor, “The Roaring Lion.” He was a delicate painter and talented sculptor. This collection shows his wide range of talent from the sweet and soft “Rapaport Sisters” to the harsh stern “Jeremiah” to the delicate and vibrant “Still Life with Fruit.” Please get in touch if you are interested in purchasing. Eli Cohen

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Avraham Melnikov
Basarabia, Romania, 1892 – Israel, 1959
“I´ll make a drawing of your so they won´t forget you even after you die.”

Avraham Melnikov´s parents did not support his descision to be an artist so he moved to live with his brother in Chicago but left in 1919 fo Israel. Melnikov was embraced by the British govern of that time- Sir Ronald Storrs, who gave him a workshop to work in above the Shkhem gate in the old city of Jerusalem. In 1922, the first Hebrew artist’s guild was founded by Boris Schatz and Melnikov, with Schatz as it chairman and Melnikov as his second. During the years 1921-1928 Melnikov participated in every group exhibition held in the guild’s gallery in the Tower of David in Jerusalem. Melhikov moved to England in 1934, were he stayed for the next 25 years. During his stay in England he established a name for himself as a portraits painter. He painted the portraits of Sir Winston Churchill, Ernest Bevin, Toscanini and many others. He returned to Israel in 1959 and died soon after- in 1960.

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