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Yehudit Shadur

September 6, 2010

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, 1928
“What unfolded from that moment´s descion was the discovery of an unexpected inner world of quaint beauty,intriguing symbols, and hidden meanings… it came from the Jewish heart and mind and spoke to the Jewish heart and mind.”

Yehudit Shadur is a foremost participant in the revival of the old Jewish paper-cutting craft. She studied art in Milwaukee, New York and London. She and her husband settled in Israel in 1950. Shadur has also produced numerous serigraphs, the designs of which were based on her original papercuts. Yehudit Shadur takes her inspiration from the rich heritage of Jewish folk art and its traditional symbols – the “menorah,” tree of life, Ten Commandments, lions, gazelles, leopards, and birds, crown, and vines combined with calligraphic inscriptions.

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