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Sabine Zlatin (Yanka)

August 23, 2010

Poland, 1907 – France, 1996
“Resistance to fanatical ideologies is the sole mode of struggle against regimes which commit such crimes.Vigilance is the responsibility of everyone charged with protecting the rights of children, the rights of all human beings.” -Yanka

Yanka (Sabine Zlatin) was born Sabine Chwast in a Jewish family in Warsaw. She moved to France as a young woman and worked a poultry farm with her husband. During WWII, Yanka worked as a nurse for the Red Cross but left France in 1941 due to Nazi advancement. At the Hérault prefecture in the French-occupied zone, she contacted the Jewish children´s aid association OSE. She helped get many children that had been interned in the camps of Agde and Rivesaltes released. When the Germans occupied the rest of the France in 1943, Yanka took 17 children with her to Italian occupation zone and she founded the Hérault refugee children´s home La Maison d´Izieu (Children´s Home of Izieu) where Jewish children hid. However, on April 6, 1944, the house was raided and all forty-four of the children and the seven adults who took care of them (including Yanka´s husband) were murdered at the Auschwitz concentration camp. Yanka was not there at the time and survived to testify against the Nazis for their war crimes.

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