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Victor Vasarely

August 19, 2010

Pecs, Hungary, 1906 – Paris, France, 1997
“The spatial-material universe, energetic-living, feeling-thinking, form a whole, indivisible… The languages of the spirit are but the supervibrations of the great physical nature.” – Victor Vasarely

Prolific and exceedingly popular, Victor Vasarely was the pioneer of Op-art – optical illusions constructed through geometric abstract art. His works are hard to categorize but they are often grouped with the Surrealists and he was an influential member of the group. Vasarely grew up in Hungary and studied art at Sándor Bortnyik´s Műhely Academy in Budapest which was widely recognized as the Hungarian equivalent to the Bauhaus school in Paris. There he studied graphic art and then worked as a graphic artists in Hungary and in Paris when he moved there in 1930. He did not begin working as a fine artist until after the Second World War which he developed as Op-art in the late 1940s. Vasarely´s work is characterized by geometric forms, grids, illusions, and carefully controlled color palletes. Vasarely founded four museums, two in France and two in Hungary, to house his extensive body of work.

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